4 Axis Robots Screw Tighten Machine
4 Axis Robots Screw Tighten Machine

Item specifics

4 axis screw driving robots
4 Axis
Screw feeder
Robots support brand
ABB Mitsubishi EPSON etc



4 Axis Robots Screw Tighten Machine 
Included : Robots Arm , Screw feeding system , Screwdriver 

1. High versatility, high efficiency and flexible application.

2. Equipped with different process structures, fast switching, stable operation and low failure rate.

3. Support HM3 screw feeder system, effectively filter and filter foreign objects, iron filings, non-standard screws etc.

4. The screw can be blown or vacuum-applied, and it can also be blown according to the specific product and screws.

5. Support vacuum filter, magnetic ring sensor for real-time monitoring, effectively filter iron filings and dust to ensure quality.

6. Automatic detection function, automatic record statistics for slip, missing lock, floating lock, lack of material, etc.

7. Deep hole lock for flat spring pad combination screws, small margin lock has a unique effect.