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What's your Installation and Start-up serivice

Engineers available to service machinery overseas.Our skilled engineers will be assigned to coordinate installation, commissioning and training, for the maximum duration of 30 working days, customers will supply the air return tickets, food,accommodation, transportation, communication, insurance, tax (if have) for the engineers.

What about packing

For ensure machine working performance ,we are request customer provide products and screw samples to us testing , before shipment each feeder have to running thousand times to ensure screw feeding smoothly.

Why we need to buy Automatic Screw Locking Machine to improve efficiency?

Why we need to buy Automatic Screw Locking Machine to improve efficiency? The automatic screw locking machine locks and picks the screws tightly and gently of your electronic device, like a calculator, mobile phone, laptop, etc. The machine is easy to use with automatic locking and picking power for the screws. The machine is a fast and time-saving machine for industrial use.DESCRIPTION:The Automatic Screw Locking Machine is highly demanded. This machine is used by many auto mechanics in several industries, while in electronic shops many people use this machine for fixing and Accessible their electronic products. Anyone can buy and use this machine for the industrial work.The Automatic Screw Locking Machine is easy and safe to use. If you are in any electronic industrial field then, you can attach proper screws on the specific hole by this machine. The screw locking mechanism is adjustable and comfortable to place. This Automatic Screw Locking Machine provides accuracy for locking screws.Sometimes it is quite difficult to lock the screws on the margin hole. Many times people use screwdrivers for the tiny locking and accessible screws of their electronic devices but, they could not have the actual result for this purpose. Right after, they carry their types of equipment to an electronic repairing shop to repair.By the help of this locking mechanism, electronic mechanic repairs the dedicated device. For the vast and fixing, mechanics mostly use the automatic machine.The engineers made this automatic screw locking machine for electronic repairing need. This machine is the right choice for those who want perfect work and save time. The engineers designed this machine very accurately, and give the all features automatically. The machine needs electricity to work. This automatic screw locking machine can lock and pick screws from the electronic devices.PERSONAL EXPERIENCE:In the electronic repairing field before buying this machine, I was quite tensed to having such screws free and locking problem. Many times I need to lock and accessible screws slightly.But once, I saw an advertisement on television about this machine. I just purchased this machine from Huizhou ShengYang Industrial Co., Ltd, and after reaching my shop, I take the trail to use the machine. The seller gave me a manual book. This manual advised me about its all features and uses. At first, I was a little confused but, after using this screw locking machine, I feel relaxed.However, many mechanics from all of us faced difficulties when they need to free or lock screws as well. The machine is an electronic and practical machine for daily and extended use in an industrial area. The machine can lock and pick the screws from electronic devices with its popular objective system.The locking mechanism provides many authentic, useful and appropriative features. Through these features, we can get benefits from our life. The machine will be proved very helpful for all the buyers. The machine has some excellent and convenient features which you have to know before buying and using the machine.FEATURES:Detecting function for screws (missing, loose, standing, slippage, tight)Automatic flexibility for multiple electronic devices (any size)Simple in adaptation for the power (M1,4-M3)Screw guider (available for tailor-make)Simple programming by a touch panel

How does the automatic lock screw machine detect floating locks, sliding teeth and missing nails?

We all know that the automatic locking screw machine is used to replace the manual screwing automation equipment, but often encounters the leakage lock (no screw) and the sliding tooth during the screwing process (between the electric screwdriver and the screw head) How to detect this situation when the automatic screwing machine is used when the slipping) and the floating lock (the screw is not screwed to the bottom)?The missing nails are generally not sent by screws. The screws are mainly screw feeders. The screws are sorted and sent to the feeding pipeline. The sensor is installed at the feeding pipeline. A screw sensor is sent to detect a pulse signal to the PLC. After the system receives the signal, the PLC control system will blow and lock the screw. If there is no screw to be sent, there will be a patching action. If the nail is not sent normally, the device will stop and alarm, waiting for the fault. exclude.Sliding teeth and sliding head detection principle: the automatic locking screw machine will set the torque and torque parameters of the lock before the lock is paid. When the electric screwdriver normally locks the screw, after the set torque is reached, the electric batch will automatically cut off the electric brake. At the same time, the pulse signal is sent to the PLC control system; when the sliding tooth or the sliding head occurs, the set torque is not reached when the electric batch lock is paid, the electric batch will not stop running, so there is no signal to the PLC, and the PLC passes the operation. It is possible to determine if the screw is slippery or slippery.

What are your hot sale products?

Our main products included Handheld type ,XY axis Desktop , Muilt axis type and  Robot type screw lock machine .Which widely used for Mobile phones, Car Electronic products, Household appliances, Power supply, Instrument equipment, LED(LCD) module, Computer keyboards, PAD, Aerospace ,Medical ,Military industry. 

What's the advantage for desktop type automatic locking screw machine?

The biggest advantage for desktop type automatic locking screw machine is flexible and high efficiency. According to the set coordinates, machine automatically lock products.The Z axis can be installed at most four lock electric screwdriver at the same time , greatly improve production efficiency.For replacement products, just change coordinates point can be lock.The operation is very simple.Distribution system screw through tracheal pressure send screw to the screwdriver bits .The manipulator automatically lock according to the set coordinates .